Saturday, June 14, 2014

#YesAllWomen... Even Me

When the #YesAllWomen hashtag started going around after the Isla Vista shootings, I read the stories and agreed that it's appalling the kind of bullshit that is going on in our society, and even though there were some stories that I could relate to I still felt kind of outside of the bubble for some reason because there were far worse things in the world than what I could personally attest to. There was still kind of a disconnect between what could happen to women and what could happen to ME. It's weird I know guess I'm still having trouble putting that kind of feeling into words. But after being sexually assaulted by 2 men in the metro last week I think I found many more words to say. 

I was on the metro/subway/underground (whichever word you prefer to use) leaving a coffee date with one friend to go meet up for an early dinner with another. As I was about to board I noticed there was a seat open, but there was also an elderly man boarding at the same time and I wasn't going to be a jerk and take the seat so I stood at the back corner of the metro against the wall. To my surprise the elderly man (looking about 80 fragile looking huge glasses and hearing aide) decided to stand against the door. Rode along a few stops and just like normal in the evening rush hour more and more people entered one of which was an African man who stood at the other pole against the door next to the old man. When this happened the older man started to move way from the door and sort of stand in front of me still holding on to the pole. My first thought was "Racist bastard" since in my experience and that of others it's not surprising to find that kind of behavior in the country. 

Then the old man put his hand on my leg. At first I'm like okay there's a lot of people not the best balance it happens just trying to not fall down, I moved over a bit and brushed his hand away. After a bit his hand made it's way back to my leg  and a bit closer to a more private area. I'm trying to move away from him but at this point the metro is packed and the girl next to me against the wall is getting irritated I'm pushing up against her more. I try moving his hand away, I say perdona (excuse me) and try to move him away and get away from him but I'm against the wall and at this point I brush his hand away, but he puts it right back where he wants it and starts rubbing me. I'm in such shock and disbelief at whats happening and feeling like no escape. I feel like if I yell at him, he's just a frail old man and the no one would believe me because of my beastly appearance I've been reminded of time and time again. Also making a scene could draw attention to  my immigration status at the moment and that's definitely not a problem I want to deal with. Looking back now all of those reasons are silly but just the feeling of terror and disbelief just didn't allow me to react at all. 

While I was trying to dodge and get away from the old man, the African man touches my hand that's holding on to the pole for balance (since we all know I don't really have any) and he nods over to me with a "what's up you wanna hook up look" I just say try not to look at him, try swatting the old man away try to move over all at the same time, he keeps touching my hand to get my attention, so I move it to the bottom of the pole but he's still trying to talk to me so for the infinite 2 minutes to get to my stop I let of the bar hope I don't fall try to get this old man off of me and just avoid eye contact with everyone. 

My stop finally arrives I bolt out and just want to go and meet my friend. I hear the African guy calling after me "Guapa!" On the escalator he catches up to me and "Guapa what's your name?" I just keep repeating no. He asks where I"m going, and I reply to meet a friend then he says "Eres muy bonita" (You're very pretty) and smacks my ass. I just scream "Dejeme an paz" (Leave me alone!) and run the rest of the way. 

These kinds of incidences or worse happen every day all the time all over the world. It's really disheartening that we live in a time where we can say "Our society is misogynistic, racist, homophobic etc.... " and the response just generally falls into "That sucks, but that's the way it is, it's so ingrained we can't change it"

What sucks is that I feel guilty for not protecting myself better. What sucks is that it feels strange saying I was sexually assaulted because it wasn't violent, but I was sexually assaulted. What sucks is that when friends told me that I should report it I didn't want to for fear I'd be laughed out of the police station. What sucks is that it's probably not the last time this or something similar will happen to me or someone I know, or someone I don't know. 

#YesAllWomen have to deal with this kind of bullshit... even me.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

There's Always A Story- Spring Break 2014

Spring break is here... 3 major Spanish cities and a mini tour around Northern Morocco, pinch me it's perfect... except when I remember I am me and nothing is ever perfect. So here is the story of this vacation and the string of bad luck events that seem to follow me every once in while. (This be may a bit long but hopefully entertaining... lol)

Spring Break kicked off with a bang, a long nap and no urge to pack left me thinking I was going waste Saturday away, but in the end I made it on time and was off to Madrid. My lovely friend who I was staying with had made some plans with a potential boo so I was left to make some quick impromptu plans, but luckily that worked out for the best, and I got to hang out with 8 awesome Madrid Players who happened to be free. Random nights of laughs started everything right...

Sunday was also awesome because I got to go have Indian food with my friend, take a walk around Madrid, FINALLY after being in Spain almost 3 years I went inside the Prado Museum, and got to enjoy a great Diego concert with my friend Parisa who has converted me into a total groupie, but that's okay because we had lots of fun watching the concert and I left some girls with their jaws dropped when I could sing along to pretty much EVERY song :P

Monday came and I got up early to catch my 11am bus to Córdoba, waiting at the metro station it said 2 minutes til the next train when I arrived (perfect!). After 2 minutes had passed the screen went blank, and no train had come (Insert Panic). After a bit the next train shows up and I´m off, after making a transfer and arriving at the bus station I ran up the stairs and made it by just a hair. 

On the bus ride over in between listening to music and playing Candy Crush I got an email from a company I was hoping to hear from about a job, and it wasn't a congratulatory email, it was a we may have space later so hopefully we can send you a happier email soon (Gee, thanks!)

Bummed out about trying to reorganize some of my future plans we stopped at the rest stop between Madrid and Córdoba I ate my cookies and got on the bus when it was time to go. We were on our way for about 10 minutes before I realized I had forgotten my jacket at the bus station. I was super bummed out because
I use this to try to feel better when I do something dumb
my mom had given me that jacket because it looked like one my sister had, and I tend to get overly sad when I do stupid things like that because as a kid I was always kinda careless about things, so now as an adult when it happens I just feel like my life is so not together. I texted my mom and she told me not to worry she got it for $8 and she'd find me a new one. Now I just had to go on the rest of the trip with no jacket....

Córdoba was nice, I had booked a massage and session at the Arabic Baths (awesome!) On the way back it took me 20 minutes to get to my hostel because of the Holy Week processions. I get to my room get all freshened up and I notice there aren't any sheet on my bed... actually there none of the beds have sheets. I figure this is what I get for paying into a cheap hostel and kind of just call asleep on top of the comforter. Later around one in the morning a group of girls came into the room and were laughing about having to go in and ask for sheets. Only this hostel would put a sign in the corner of the reception where no one would see it saying "Please ask for sheets"... later I got my sheets too.
Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos

The next day I wanted to go to the Mosque/Cathedral but the opening ours for visitors due to Holy Week activities was from 8-9am so I missed it and the next day it opened at 11 and my bus was leaving at 12 and it was too close to try to risk it. So I went to Córdoba and didn´t get to see one of the most important sites... no big deal -_- I just headed on over to the main castle and spent the afternoon in the gardens. It was very beautiful but it also made me realize that traveling alone isn´t something I really like. It's great to see things but then you´re left with this urge to comment on it and when you turn to say it to someone no one is there, it was a bit sad, and of course Selfies just aren't the same in beautiful places, and since I'm such a shy person I couldn't muster up the courage to ask a stranger to take a picture of me to get the right one.... oh well!

I left Córdoba and made my way to Sevilla. It was a major coincidence that I found one of my coworkers who was going from Jaén to Sevilla on the SAME bus. It was a nice ride, despite some people arguing over seats because their's was stolen. Once in Sevilla I parted ways with my coworker and I set off to my hostel where my friend was waiting for me. Granted I pretty much NEVER really look up where my hotel (my bad) unless I know I have to take a bus or something but when I know I'm going to take a taxi, my urge is not to bother. Well when I got to Sevilla I gave the driver the address got in the taxi and we were on our way. Being Semana Santa there were a billion and one processions going on, and so many streets were cut off, and there tons of people. After driving around for a while, the driver stopped and told me it was impossible for him to make it up to the front door due to the processions so he'd stop me there and all I had to do was walk down to the end of the street. I paid him the 15 euro fair that was there I got my suit case from the trunk and I pulled out my phone to see down the end of which street he was talking about in the busy intersection he left me at. I plug in the address into Google Maps... loading walking directions... 32 MINUTE WALK!
Pretty much me this whole trip....
Source: Google

After I already paid this fool 15 euros, with my suitcase I had to go though all of the processions with people dressed in black KKK robes, parents pround of their kid walking barefoot through the street holding a candle, people as desperate as me to get through the crowds, finding other routes, getting re routed on my GPS trying to understand it was sending me because I haven't really used it before, getting weird looks because I had a large bright pink suitcase in the middle of this religious tradition, get stressed because it was hot and I was getting tired of draggin my my heavy suitcase, and trying to get over my anger over the whole situation. Close to an hour later I made it to my hostel, made my bed with the sheets they gave me (yay I got sheets this time), and went to have lunch with my friend since really all I'd eaten was a few cookies on the bus. We took the after noon easy and had dinner that pretty much gave me a flat fanta from a two liter bottle, tomorrow surely had to be a better day. 

Thursday came and we got up and were ready to take over the city, but unfortunately Holy Week already did that for us so when we went to the famous Catedral and Giralda of Sevilla, visitors allowed due to Semana Santa activities, so that's great after almost 3 years in Spain and not visiting two important cities, when I finally do make it over to see them, I can´t see what everyone says you HAVE to see there... just my luck. So instead of going into the Cathedral we went to 100Montaditos and had a tinto de verano and planned out the rest of the time we had in Sevilla. It was super hot so we went for a bit of a rest back at the hostel, and set out for Plaza de España that evening. It was beautiful! On the way back we got caught in yet another procession for a good half an hour of weaving through people, waiting, taking pictures, and all that jazz. At least it lead us to a pretty good chinese place, who forgot to bring us drinks but no big deal.

The next day was the day we were off to Morocco! I was really excited for this trip because it meant checking off another continent from my travel list, and it was a planned excursion so the pressure of what are we doing, how are we getting there and everything was taken care of. It was nice to just show up and enjoy. Our first hotel was on the beach so after dinner my friend and
some other girls we met at our table decided to go down to see the water. We were collecting shells when a pair of what seemed like teenagers tried cat calling us shouting out "Sevilla sevilla Sevilla" and "omg... hello USA".

Day 2 in Morocco was nice we went to the Blue city of Chefchaouene walked through the mountain town got a talk about how they made the fabrics and saw the actual loom. Our moroccan old man tour guide said i didn't look American I looked like him (ok?) We bartered for some things, I got some scarves and we were back to our hotel in Tangier. We were going to go out dancing, but dinner didn't sit well with me so it was just a quiet evening in the hotel for me, oh well... Our last day came and we got to ride camels (one of the scariest moments of my life!), walk around Tetouan and do a bit more haggling, and end the trip having lunch in an Arabic Palace. Now it was time for the long trek back home!

The two girls we had met on the trip didn't have a place to stay for the night, so I gave them the name of our hostel and she called to see if there was availability. A while later she came back and said they had availability the problem was that they didn't check people in after 11, and since our ferry was later we weren't going to get back to Sevilla until almost 1am. So in a panic i called the hostel and tried to reason with them that we'd be quiet entering our shared dorm, that we needed a place to stay and that I had already
made the reservation, and it's not my fault our ferry was late. The man wouldn't budge and only offered me a much higher price private room, which wasn't worth it because my friend was leaving at 6am. So in the end we cancelled the reservation (thankfully he didn't charge me for it since it was a short notice cancellation) and we slept (or didn't sleep) in the bus station, in the cold (with no jacket remember), just laughing with my friend because our Winter Break vacation ended the exact same way in the Barcelona bus station.

I waited for my bus which I thought was at 9am but it was at 9:45, got the the bus and started on my journey to Caceres then finally back to Navalmoral. When I got to the bus station around 3:30pm it started pouring rain, and since I had no jacket or umbrella I waited another half hour til I was able to get home. Finally arrived to my humble abode where I tossed my purse onto my bed and my Aquafina water bottle exploded soaking the bed and reaching my precious laptop! (Oh no!!) I rushed to save it dried it wit a towel and tried to see what happened. No response. My world was coming to an end, so I just left my laptop on my desk to dry and went into an exhausted emotional coma for the next few hours. Around 11pm I woke up and gave it another go and MIRACLE it turned on and it's been pretty okay ever since *fingers crossed*

Well it's not the first time I say my bad luck is impressive, but this really is up there on the list. It was a good vacation overall and I'm ready to keep movin' on up! 

Thanks for reading !! 


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Le sigh...

So in the past few months this happened.

As well as...

Walking to the grocery store I came across a group of boys probably 13 years old and as they caught a glimpse of me me the usual phrases came out "hostia", "madre mia" then... "ahi va Moby Dick. Proceed to try to ignore along same road come across another group of boys a familiar routine essentially since middle school "oh there goes your girlfriend" "ugh hell no" Finally make it to the grocery store and then another probably about 10 years old is following me trying to sneakily take pictures from afar. When I finally notice that's what he's doing I stop look him in the eyes with a "what are you doing/what do you want" look and he goes away.

On my way to another grocery store trip I pass a group of kids that say "ahi va la gorda de ingles" (there goes the fat English teacher) and while waiting in line to pay for my groceries an elderly woman whispers to her husband "look she's actually eating salad"

 Let's not leave all of the fat shaming to the small town Spaniards...  While standing in front of a restaurant in London (shout out to the English speakers!) deciding if my friend and I should have dinner there, a complete stranger passing by said "Stop eating!!" While looking at some clothes in a store in Rome, the old lady that worked there made a point to come up and tell me "Those are one size only!!" (y que?!)

Walking home behind a group teenage boys...when rounding the corner one catches a glimpse of me and mumbles something to his friends. Then like dominoes they each turn around to take a look at me as I turn left and they carry on I hear the word 'enorme'

Walking home from the grocery store two little girls roughly 8 or 9 years old at the first glimpse of me burst into hysterical laughter (cackling that could be heard all along the empty streets of the main road during lunch time) pulling out there phones to take pictures, when I stopped and said "que pasa" they just looked at me like I'm far too busy being out of breath from continuing to laugh and snap pictures of you face.

Walking home about a block from my house a little boy is walking this dog with his mom just a few steps ahead of me. the boy gets a glimpse of me and tells his mom nervously "There's a monster following us" The only thing the mom says to the boy is "Don't worry, just keep walking"

I am not going to say that I have been unaffected by this because that would be a lie. After all of these incidences I still can't gain the understanding of how people can be like that. My child wasn't even that cruel and I had the nickname Caty-Faty (oh gotta love family) And some people might say well Cathy if you lost some weight then you could avoid unpleasant encounters such as the ones you are telling us about. But that is besides the point. I'm never going to be "supermodel" skinny and even then I'm sure mean people will find other things to be mean about. So being bullied into losing weight is not really my style.

I am not blind to the fact that I'm overweight, but I am totally mostly sometimes comfortable in my own skin, but however i decide to go about that is no one's concern much less their entertainment. There are definite days where i feel like I'm a circus animal, not cause of me but cause of them. It's me versus them . They started a game but on most days I feel like it's one where everybody loses. :-/

Monday, February 10, 2014

S Club 7 {Student Comments #7}

Here is the most recent compilation of Student Comments (Check out #  1-- 2-- 3-- 4-- 5-- 6)

My class of fourth graders are talking about daily routines. They are asking me questions:
Student 1: Cathy, when do you watch TV?
Me- Mmm Actually I don't really watch TV.
Class- *Gasp* Wow! Really?! Omg!
Student 2- What do you do then?
Me- I prefer to be on the computer.
Student 3- Ni tele en los bares?! (not even at the bars?)
Me: lol

Me- What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Student- Pencil.
Teacher- Just because it's in the shape of a pencil doesn't mean it tastes like a pencil. You mean you like chocolate chip.
Class bursts into laughter.

Grading exams for academy.
Question: Say what you and your partner are wearing.
Student. I am wearing a black hat, white socks, and red trainers. She is wearing a blue jacket and white trainers.
Me- And that's all you're wearing? -_-

Yep that's it. Hat and Shoes.

Student 1: "¿Cathy, tú entiendes lo que estamos diciendo? (Cathy, do you understand what we're saying?)
Student 2: Si ella habla mejor español que nosotros. (She speaks better Spanish than we do.)

Like a Boss!

Student- How old are you?
Me- *holds up fingers (2) (5)
Student- Quince! (15!)
Me- hahah I wish!

Pretty close to 15 yr old Cathy

In my adult class at the academy, the students were taking turns interviewing each other with a questionaire out of the book. Essentially answer the questions from the person to your left and ask questions to the person on your right.
Question- What is your favorite form of transportation?
Student 1- I prefer flying because I think it's faster..../cut off
Student 2- I disagree
Student 1- Yes, but this is MY moment.
Group bursts in laughter

As a teacher who runs will inevitably always run into students at the grocery story I have seen that they fall into different categories. The ones who hide behind their parents and shyly wave hello and those who come running down the aisle saying "HIIIII CATHYYY!!" Both groups will procede to remind you that they saw you the next day at school. lol

Well that's all folks thanks for reading, comments are always MUCH appreciated!! Until next time! Hasta Luego!


Saturday, February 8, 2014

2014 (1) Nike Attitude

Here I am again in front a blank screen for a blank blog post that should soon be filled with witty and charming tales of my daily meandering around. The last time I hit "publish" on this blog was back in August, and even then several posts begin with a sincere apology for my absence since I know (hope) that the tiny little things I write inspire something (laughter, thoughtfulness...etc.) in those who read. This isn't the first time I've sat in front of this screen between my last post and now, it's just the time that I've decided to suck it up and write, the longer you prolong it the guiltier you'll feel. So here I am. I know it's not totally rational that I feel guilty when not writing things in my blog, and of course seeing things like this makes it even more sad.

2014 (0)

This blog started slow because I was crazy in my senior year of college, and I didn't really have time to fit in blogging in the mere 24 hours that we have in a day. Jump to my first year in Spain lots of posts leading up to my departure and the several (mis)adventures that popped up along the way. I was also churning out a lot of posts because I involved myself heavily in the blogging community, and wanted to give my readers something worth coming back to my page for. When I found my niche in Spain, it left less time for me to be blogging about the things I was doing, and instead I was just doing them. Comments and readers dwindled and so did the posting. Now we are in 2014, and I'm not really sure what the fate of this blog is. I don't think I have the heart to close it down completely, because it does give me a space to share my thoughts in a different way than I can on facebook and/or twitter, but I am not quite sure I have the same aspiration I did 3 years ago with having a super popular famous blog where everyone reads it, and not only my family. Even though there is a high number of page views on my blog I'm sure 80% of them are spambots from Russia. I also want to keep writing because I am a bit of a nostalgic person and having something to go back to is important.

It's funny though, I really thought that by living in rural Spain I'd write so much more! There weren't going to be lots of distractions like activities and lots of friends that I had in Madrid, and even a fellow writer friend of mine told me that what a lot of writers want is the time and space to write. That's what I got lots of time and plenty of quiet moments to just sit with a pen and a pad (or a blank blog screen) and just let the words flow from my brain to the page. It hasn't happened quite as I'd planned. I haven't been completely dry on the writing block. My poetry blog has had a few entries, and I'm excited that my Spanish skills are evolving to a place where I can write poems that aren't half bad.

I think part of my lack of motivation/ inspiration is partly due to this "fish out of water" feeling I sometimes have in my current place of living. I hadn't anticipated missing Madrid as much as I do, now that I am so close yet so far, and that in turn has occasionally not really allowed me to connect with the place that I live. It doesn't help that I commute to work so the friends I make at work are far away, and the friends I have where I live I can count on one hand (yeah, it could be much worse--- I've been much worse, but it's my blog and I'll cry if I want to :P ). It doesn't help that I have several moments like this in Navalmoral de la Mata, but I'm growing and learning to not shut down because of it.

But I guess with all things you want to accomplish you kinda have to put yourself in the Nike attitude (Just do it!) So that's what I'm doing--- Just do it (write!) Just do it (be happy!) Just do it (clean your room!... well) lol. I think it has also really helped me to take part in the #100HappyDays challenge. If you're curious to see what it is take a look at my fb album and check out

That's all for now, let's hope you'll be reading me again soon! <3

Ciao Ciao


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Extraordinary Extrajeria Extravaganza

For those of you who have not been graced with the opportunity to have to deal with foreigners' offices around the globe, you are really missing out {/end sarcasm}

The ever dreadful mustard yellow building from your nightmares

Jumping through hoops, getting papers stamped, paying fees, waiting in line, filling out more forms, signature here, date there, copy of this, staple that... it's endless. Coming into any country for a prolonged period of time comes at the cost of this bureaucratic madness. And of course, I've had my fair share since the beginning.

This year things were particularly messed up. In order to renew your student card you had to turn in the application, papers proving your finished the program this year and got renewed, accompanying fees, a document called empadronamiento (for census purposes and keeping track of where people live).

Well the empadron was the first hurdle in this heap of....manure. I went to the local office with everything signed and ready to go. The contract my roommate had for our apartment, copy of his ID and signature on the application, SHOULD be easy as pie. Unfortunately for me, my previous roommate who had left on not such a good note with the boys was previously registered with this contract. So.... it was HER signature and ID that I needed. And of course, to my incredible bad luck she was in California (of all places) at the time. I told them all this and they said there was nothing they could do. I went again, and explained the situation to another person. He told me to fill out a new application and check some different boxes and it should work. So I went home got the signature that I needed and went back for a third time. The girl was not really having it since of course I didn't have the signature fromk the person they say they need (even though she doesn't live in the country let alone our apartment anymore). After some begging and pleading and stating that this was my third time there they finally gave me the stamp that I needed.

So all I needed to do was turn in my papers, wait for the letter of appointment for fingerprints, get fingerprinted and wait 40 days for my ID card in order to travel freely in the EU. No Problem! Turn in papers (check!) Wait, wait, wait for my letter ( December Check!) Wait... my appointment to be fingerprinted is... May 9th! Add the 40 days to pick up the card and that puts me at June  18th for a card that is only going to be valid until the end of my contract which is June 30th. So... I have to live most of my second year in Madrid undocumented because there was a huge backup and apparently common sense isn't so common anymore.

Months passed and I accepted my fate for having to get an Authorización de Regreso (authorization to return) whenever I needed to travel this term.

As my appointment drew near I soon realized that my appointment May 9th from 4-6pm was not going to cut it because that was the opening night of the spring show I was in Steel Magnolias. I had made a plan to go the day before (as other auxiliares had mentioned they went in even without a letter and had been helped) and get it out of the way and everyone's happy (or so I thought).

I arrive bright and early Wednesday morning, and there is a line around the corner just to go through the metal detector. 20 minutes in I look for the line where they do the fingerprints when I overhear a police officer saying "let's cut off the fingerprint line" I quickly go up to him and with big eyes ask which line is for finger prints, and luckily he takes me in and makes me the cut off.

¿La fila para huellas?
In the twisting, turning, baby crying, sun scorching line, I waited for 5 HOURS. There is a person at the front of the building doing crowd control, taking as many people fit inside, and when there is room calling more in. I was finally about to get inside, when the crowd control person (a big angry man with a hat) asks to see the back of my appointment paper (with the date on it.... what the heck at least 50 people passed ahead of me and he didn't ask them to show!) So I showed him my paper, and he turned me away. Even after begging and pleading trying to state my case and being cut off. He insisted if my paper didn't have that date on it I wasn't getting inside. So I went to work, late and for nothing, and decided if I made an early enough attempt the next day I would still make it in time to save the show, and get what I need done.

Thursday rolls around I'm there at the beloved Aluche this time even earlier, that there isn't a line for the metal detector but there is still a curve to the line of people a million times worse than the DMV inside. I wait in that line again, for 5 HOURS and this time I make it into the building (GLORY!) I make it to the desk, the young man flips over my paper and says, you're scheduled to come in at 4, and it's only 1 o'clock I can't help you. I again I plead, and say there is no way I can get through that line in time, and with an apathetic face he just shrugs and calls the next person in line. 

My last option is to go upstairs and see if I could get my appointment changed. According to the other people in line, my chances of that happening were grim since they knew people were getting appointments for September... which would have done me no good. I trekked upstairs anyway in hope that I could not go home again empty handed. 

I arrive upstairs to wait in the information line, and see the two people helping are a woman and the older man with a hat that threw me out the day before--cue feeling in the pit of my stomach. Waiting in line in front of me is an older woman who asked my situation and when I told her I'd waited 5 hours 2 days in a row she asks me if I'm pregnant -_- And when I reply no, she told me to tell them I was pregnant so that I could be helped. She gets up to the front of the line and she has to go with hat man, but she steps aside, and says I want to wait for the woman. I politely decline and no you go ahead. She still insists with her pushy older woman ways and I head over to hat man. So when he asks me how can I help you, in as sweet of a voice as I can muster I start to ramble on about how he may have recognized me from the day before and I needed to change my appointment, because I really couldn't be there that after noon. And he says.... "Can you come in tomorrow?" *sigh of relief* I say I can but if there is a way for him to make it on Monday it would be best. He looks at me confused and tells me Monday is the day with the most people, but then I told him it was my day off so he took his pen wrote the new date, stamped it, and I came in on Monday to wait another 5 HOURS (which really you can't avoid unless you get there at the break of dawn and I like sleep too much).

So I've survived!! For now... We'll see  how the Cáceres version of Aluche treats me come September.

Much Love!


Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Year in Photos- Round Two

So last year I made a post summarizing my first year in Spain through photos and I think it's a good way to sort of keep a sort of timeline of things without being too exhausted from sifting through facebook. So here it goes Season 2 of Cathy in Spain in Photos.

Rained on in Valencia right before the school year started but ended up going to a Nigerian wedding reception.
Started working at an elementary school and one of the perks is the loving and interesting drawings you get from students :)

Going to an Improv comedy night in Madrid, first of many nights out with Makhala and saying goodbye to DeAnna
(but we're gonna be back for adventures in Extremadura!) 
Bilbao, Pais Vasco- the one day it didn't rain!!

San Sebastian, Pais Vasco

Reuniting with Kristina from study abroad in Puerto Rico...3 years later!

Casco Viejo, Caceres, Extremadura, Spain-- After being called Negrita on the bus ride over.

Hermanas Around the World!! Me and Nelly in Caceres

First and only Pantomime- I'm a Living Doll- Take a look at my hair ti's real!

Getting Charity from Mr. Scrooge!

Reuniting with last years teacher group! And losing my abono one last time... -_-
Taking the Christmas Lights Bus around Madrid

Roman Ruins in Segovia before my Camera Died 

Christmas in Barcelona- La Rambla

La Sagrada Familia

New Years Eve in Rome with the cousin! First time having pupusas since leaving Cali!

The struggle to always making the plane on time even when they change the gate on you. 
Rained out yet again- Torre de Belem- Portugal

Pasteis de Belem- Good pastries, best orange juice EVER!

Church in a Cave- Asturias

Gijon, Asturias-- just before it started to hail uncontrollably-- OW!

Fries in Brussels! Ahh-mazing!

Chocolate from Brugge that I couldn't have til after Lent.

Underground "Caribbean" AntiTapas Dance Party in Belgium

Hanging out at our favorite Mexican restaurant with our favorite Mariachi!

Girls night out- Drinks and Les Miserables

Out for Matt's Birthday!

The things I do for Madrid Players... For Love nor Money

I kissed a boy once.... my monologue was a hit!

Soler, Mallorca, Spain

Spring Break- View from our Hotel

Walk along the Mediterranean
Marwan- cantautor y poeta... Parisa made me a groupie!

Celebrating my birthday with the roomies

The wind is not on my side on the Rio Ebro in Zaragoza.

La Aljaferia, Zaragoza

More posing :P

Finishing of my poetry writing obligations for NaPoMo

Ecce Mono-- Borja, Zaragoza, Spain

Then I got cast in Steel Magnolias-- And Daryl Hannah replied to my tweet!
And  I became a hair dresser

And objected to looking like a nun the whole way. 

And got the Hollywood treatment- four people working on me 2 on hair and 2 on makeup. Living the dream!

Oh and I had a baby... :P

And this project became the gift that keeps on giving such great reviews and such wonderful friendships made with everyone involved in the production <3
Last trip of the Season Galicia, Spain

Hike up Pont de Eume

All my favorite people... standing on a bridge

Finally saw a game at the Real Madrid Stadium

Last Metro Rides 
Enjoying THE typical spanish dish- Tortilla de patata!

Goodbye staff lunch

Diego's getting married!! Last year's colleagues :)
Auxiliares enjoying breakfast in the staff room

My Wacky Kids

A sad goodbye to a good place...

MP Pool time!

Last night out dancing!

The original posse

Mis Amores

Goodbye Lunch.. :'-(

Goodbye Gifts
Packing all of this...

...Into all this

And Safely landing Home.

Well there you have it folks another year wrapped up nicely in one post. Thanks for the memories!